Individual Placement Support (IPS)

Individual Placement Support (IPS)

At FEAT, we fulfill our vision of creating a culture without the stigma of mental health by working closely with businesses.  Below is some information about the services we provide business clients.

Mental Health Awareness


Mindful Team Building

The Individual Placement & Support service places those who are unemployed with severe and enduring mental health conditions into a workplace with time unlimited support from our team of Employment Specialists.  This model has a wealth of scientific research supporting it's effectivness on clients mental well-being.  As well as being beneficial to those with a mental health conditions, some of the benefits for employers who support the scheme include:

  • gaining a valuable employee
  • recieving an individually tailored support package for the employee and your business
  • access to free mental health training
  • achievement of corporate vision and demonstration of corporate responsibility

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Unlike many traditional team building experiences, FEAT and our partners at New Caledonian Woodlands, run team-building days that will have a lasting impact on participants. It’s no surprise the relationship between health and work-life has the potential to be either supportive or antagonistic. If job satisfaction is low, health can suffer/trigger a difficult cycle of stress and illness, including unhelpful behaviour to cope with stress and illness. Employers can then be confronted with absenteeism and high staff turnover, or presenteeism (stress or ill employees at work) bringing low productivity, obtrusive/conflictual attitudes and low morale from employees. A significant body of research has illustrated that regularly practicing mindfulness in the work place develops a self-awareness that improves mental and physical well-being (Klatt et. al. 2015). In the working environment mindfulness can improve physical health, concentration, connectivity, communication and enhance performance.

This team-building day gives participants a day of mindful activities that will introduce them to settling the mind and awareness agency so that they might learn something about themselves and see the value in some else in their team. 

Fife Employment Access Trust - Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in Scotland, Company no. SC394284. Scottish Charity No. SCO22263
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Copyright Fife Employment Access Trust. All rights reserved. 

This workshop aims to increase awareness of various mental health conditions and signpost to organisations, including FEAT, that offer support to those with a mental health condition.  The workshop explores some of the causes of mental health along with common signs and symptoms of conditions such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Courses can also be tailored to focus on specific conditions.