"I ...benefited from [Living Life To The Full]. I learned to break the cycle of dark thoughts that I have .I benefited from the thoughts, feeling's, physical behaviour cycle. The intervention was a great way to change my thought process and change my outlook on life”.

"The meditation has helped me to relax more and take time-out away from unhelpful thoughts / situations. I am now more focussed on living in the present moment and trying to leave the past and the future where they belong."

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FEAT support between 400 and 500 individuals every year through our range of services and below are some quotes taken directly from participants who have taken part in our courses.

"It has made me realise I have skills, qualities and values which would benefit an employer."

"Overall the Employability course was a 10 out 10 from me"

"I found the Employability course hugely helpful and great fun. I learnet to acknowledge and appreciate my skills, qualities and values which I had previously dismissed as worthless. The course also helped me identify the areas in my life I want to improve as I go forwards. Spending time with a great group of people who have similar issues and goals reminded me that I'm not alone and lots of people go through the same challenges."

This is Fraser Gorm speaking about his experience at the Bi-Polar Scotland Association (17/09/16). Fraser’s CPN referred him to FEAT to take the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course after he was diagnosed with Bi-Polar during his studies at Glasgow University. He explained how he uses the techniques and attitudes that he learned on the Mindfulness course to work with his condition and meet the demands of his life. After a successful career in Amateur boxing spanning from 2007-2016, he is now in the process of preparing for his first professional fight. 

"“As somebody who lived in the past and feared for the future, the Mindfulness course was very welcomed. I enjoyed the Mindfulness exercise in the park as it encourages me to live in the here and now, focusing on what was happening around me; sights, smells, sounds. I enjoyed the slowing down process that Mindfulness gave me. I used to be a bit of a shopaholic but now I only spend if I really like something and not buying for the sake of buying, or feeling “ I must get round the shops.” Now I can relax, spend time enjoying other things aside from shopping .Ironically I enjoy shopping better not feeling pressured to buy or shop on a daily basis."

""I feel Mindfulness is allowing me to live my life with much more ease and acceptance in turn giving me hope for the future, for a calmer and more enjoyable life.

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Living Life To The Full